The Wush » WHat a pussy. I totally thought you were going to roxorz my soxorz, dawg.
The Wush » Um, you could do a knitting blog. Chicks dig guys that can knit.
AARON! » Any thoughts, reader?
AARON! » Really just trying to figure out what this blog is going to be about.
AARON! » I'm formulating something here...
The Wush » Dude, it's been two months. You're really bumming me out.
The Wush » How long do I have to wait for your triumphant return?
The Wush » You know, what'd be awesome? An update.
Tubby » I'll show you 'defunked.'
lady lemon » it's nice to see that not everything changes
AARON! » well, thanks for stoppin by X, I've been wondering who still reads this old thing... you a blogger at all?
Bellatrix » i think by "a while" you pretty much "a fucking lonnnng time" lol
Xerxes. » And you don't know me but I read this page a LOT, lol.
Xerxes. » It's about how humans are destroying the world because they don't want to admit that they've been wrong since Homo Sapiens Sapiens evolved. It sounds dumb but its amazing!
AARON! » Nope, never heard of it, what's it about? Do I know you or did you just stop by?
Xerxes. » Have you ever read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn? You might like it.
Ania » So that's were I went wrong I was going for a bit crazy when really Batshit insane is where god has been at all along.
skar (Charity) » hey guess what? i spent far too much time ressurecting/revamping my blog. so im using it again. because it looks cool. cool-ish.
AARON! » So I got distracted toward the end of that last entry, I'll fill in a bit more about what I was thinking later.
AARON! » So I got distracted toward the end of that last entry, I'll fill in a bit more about what I was thinking later.
AARON! » Oh yeah well... um... yeah. Nice to see you around, by the way.
mo » Believe me, I just got an A in Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition........
mo » About the Vietnam body decomposition, not so much what was in their bodies but may have been what was ON them, pesticides. Otherwise, all the same carbon based material. Body breaks down all the same.
mo » hey sweetie, my baby is about to graduate and I'm thinking about two years ago. It has been two years already, and my house is still crappy. It is good to know about that you are still in the ether.
Le Ryan » Fun fun
AARON! » I wouldn't doubt it.
AARON! » I wouldn't doubt it.
lady lemon » i think college has made your spelling worse
Le Ryan » Aaron got the first post! SUCKA!
Le Ryan » I've a blog now. some poems and stuff, if I like having a blog.
AARON! » Where? I always screw up the names somewhere.
lady lemonade » you have a name discrepency with your play
Booty call » I updated and when you read the entery imagine a black and white noir film with jazz music in the background
AARON! » Bingo?
Le Ryan » h26l3
AARON! » Hitmen don't need dental... they have fake teeth that contain cool hitman tools in each one...
AARON! » Hitmen don't need dental... they have fake teeth that contain cool hitman tools in each one...
lady lemon » I fucking hate humanity right now...I'll be better hitmen get dental?
Ry-dizzle » Heart-strong with a hard-on I cart on.
Tubby » Message.
ashley » i come here often actually.. and i'm from singapore.. o.0
lady lemon » huh...possibilities overwhelming? Interesting thought process, clean teeth are good
booty call » there are no words, only laughs
AARON! » Can't talk now, the cornish game hen is out of the oven... repeat, the cornish game hen is out of the oven...
booty call » your updates are suspciously short...has the man been tracking you?
The Wush » *put
The Wush » I'd but instead of Dirty Hippie, Liberal scum. it rolls of the tongue better.
Le Ryan Kroenke » My last exam in in 30 minutes. I slept four hours.
booty call » yeah I know that feeling
AARON! » just got done with finals week, I had more important things to do like... stall from studying
booty call » point is to update
booty call » So it's do as I say not as I do?
booty call » I too enjoyed Rent, it was sad and everyone was dying...hmmm not a holiday upper
Le Ryan Kroenke » Mister Myagi died? Aaagh! I loved "Rent". I liked it better than "Walk the Line".
HI!!!!!!!!!! » qwihdfwnc
AARON! » when I bought teeth...
Tubby » AHHHHHHHH! When the hell did you start smiling?!
The Wush » I thought you were blonde.
Tubby » Goddamn right you'll update.
Le Ryan Kroenke » I wish I had a beautiful nugget of joy. I used a vaporizer for the first time last night. RULE!
booty call » buck up boyo the four horsemen aren't knocking on your door
Harry Sachz » i'm not lemony... you need to update bro...
AARON! » will do... probably later today or tomarrow... boy do I have a beautiful nugget o joy...
booty call » update
lady lemon » mmmm-hmmmm!
lemon lady pie » it's sexy
AARON! » so whats with all the lemon themed visitors?
lady lemon » this coutry's GDP is 11 trillion dollars, our deficit is at 7.1....something wrong...
Le Ryan Kroenke » Listen to Bach's Badinerie from Overture No.2 in B minor. It gets me all hot!
Static Brain » You are very insightful. I will be back to read more.
Le Ryan Kroenke » WORD!
Booty call » hello hello
Lemon Pie » honest to goodness if you don't start updating i'm going to stop visiting
The Wush » ---to become loose and undefined leading to the collapse of all coherent arguments I once had. Please update, for the children.
The Wush » AARON!, if you don't update than my views of nihilism and disregard will go unchecked by your liberal propaganda, thus leading to a lack of structure and opposition which will cause my views---
booty call » I SOOO post more than you do
booty call » I updated!!
lady » LOL
Tubby » The lighthouse?
THE Ryan Kroenke » I'm off to school...dawgs. We will meet in the place where there is no darkness.
Yo Mama » PUBLISHERS (that's who is making the money) have raised prices an average of 6% a year since 1986, more than TWICE the rate of inflation.
THE Ryan Kroenke » LOL
AARON! » touche.
Booty call » because he's my professor
AARON! » how do you know he's white?
booty call » ok yeah it was social irresponisble but he's maintaining white supremacy in this country
Tubby » Whoa... when did you start posting actual entries again?
AARON! » to that prof with 5 kids, its not my fault he can't keep it in his pants.
booty call » though the car bit is right on the money(heh)
booty call » s five children fed by writing a book his employer is compelling him to write at the price of his job...whoa to those not tenured
booty call » you do realize that some of that mark up goes to the institution that's handing you your diploma, and that book that was written for you to learn, was probably written by some prof. wanting to keep hi
Tony » Which is probably a good thing, because she probably doesn't like me.
Tony » Whoa... I haven't seen skar in..... forever it seems (by "seen" I mean seeing her screen name... I don't believe I ever met her in person)
-~-~Sly and Biff~-~- » HAY GUYS WE HEART CANDY BAR
skar » okay
Brandons! » Hi aaron its brandon im your naighty stalker, Sorry ABOUT YOUR cds and capslock for like 3 words
booty call » i forgot to put worshipper in my post it makes more sense when I do
booty call » as a Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and let's not forget Danny Elfman (who completes the trio) I liked Willy Wonka, thought it was really quirky, and far less fluffy than Gene Wilder's orginal coolness
THE Ryan Kroenke » Well spoken sir! Great post.
tulips » maybe in your next post you can educate the public on teh clean rooms, friendly and quiet doctors, and emotional councilors avaliable now under current law